Why Do You Love Christmas? For God? Or For His Gifts?

We’ve walked through Matthew 2:1-12 this week verse by verse and seen much glory in it.  Today, I want to end the first week of Advent by challenging and calling you to enjoy Christmas for one reason this year.

Did you notice Matthew 2:10? Once the wise men saw the star stop over the house where Jesus was, it says that they “rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.” This funny language describing how the wise men rejoiced literally means in the original Greek “their joy joy’d!” This is supreme happiness, supreme delight, so much so that words in any language cannot describe a higher level or degree of satisfaction or pleasure.

The wise men were white hot with devoted affection for this new born King. But why did they rejoice? Why was their joy joying? It’s simple isn’t it? We all know the answer, but do we really? You see Church, I’ve noticed something in you and in my own life that breaks my heart and grieves the heart of God. We say we delight in Jesus, we say we rejoice in our salvation, and we say we love the freedom from the punishment of sin and wrath of God. We say we believe Jesus is enough for us, and we only need Him. But Christmas presses something in us that ought to call us out.

Do you love God for who He is alone. Or do you love God for His gifts, blessings, or benefits?

I’m convinced church, that where God’s gifts are sought after and prized more than God Himself, God is not loved, honored, or known. He is blasphemed by this frail attempt of love. Matthew 2:1-12 calls us out into one thing and one thing only – the same thing God called the wise men too – HIMSELF!

God is the greatest gift we could ever have, and in the incarnation we received just that.

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