It’s Not Always Like a Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade is a wonderful artist who has painted many beautiful scenes that I and many other people enjoy.  The scope of his work extends far beyond the Christmas season, but he does have much work that centers around the Christmas theme.  For example, see pic below:

A Christmas Welcome

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to sit back and enjoy the work does it?  It’s almost as if you can feel both the cold of the winter snow/wind/rain along with the warmth inside the house from the crackling fire.  It really is a good work.  It is called “A Christmas Welcome” and Kinkade has many like it.

But I wonder how many of you reading this are or already preparing to have a holiday season that will look nothing like the above painting.  It is an overlooked reality that many people find the holiday season a very hard and lonely time.  This is for various reasons.  Family brokenness, addiction, divorce, selfishness, singleness, death, disease, or cancer.  Too often Christians ‘put the face on’ and pretend like all is well while their own world and heart are slowly getting closer and closer to hell.  The holiday season seems to bring this out more than other times during the year, and the Church ought to know this and be prepared to minister accordingly.

Some of us need to be reminded that Christmas, for some, is not always like a Kinkade.  We would hope it would be, but it’s not.  So rather than being fake and phony about our brokenness and struggle this season, could we be honest?  Is that allowed?

There is a kind of refreshment that comes to the soul when we look to Jesus’ honesty about struggle in life.  He never joined in with the crowds of phony religious people who were being fake, but always cut through the mess and told it like it was.  No one has ever spoke like this, and the only thing in the world that speaks like this today is His Word, the Bible.  Nothing will shake the soul too comfortable quicker than the honest truth of the Bible, and nothing will comfort the soul too shaken quicker than the Bible as well.  It is, in all honesty, a double edged sword (Hebrews 4:12).

If you’re currently experiencing a Christmas similar to the Kinkade work above, praise God!  Treasure those times with family and friends.  If you’re currently experiencing a Christmas similar to everything opposite the Kinkade above, praise God!  He is always good, and He does all things well.  Let’s be honest with one another this holiday season, and both be refreshed by the gut-level honesty of Jesus and His Word.


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