Do You Feel It Yet? I Do

As usual it didn’t take long for the Christmas season to explode into consumerism with all sorts of deals and commercials and last minute gift ideas to get for that special someone.  As a Christian I’ve got a few reactions to this that you may feel as well:

a) My first knee jerk reaction is not a good one: I feel anger, because we so quickly have turned the birth of Jesus into an affair to make money, by tricking people into buying all sorts of things that we don’t really need, while millions around the world barely have enough food to eat.  Again, knee jerk reactions are not usually good, at least for me.

b) Then, in response to my first knee jerk I want to reject all that the world has made for its Christmas traditions, not buy any presents, and just share the gospel to people who would normally expect gifts from me.  After thinking through this, again, is probably not a good idea and comes across as simply mean spirited arrogance.  This is not how I want Jesus to be represented to the world.

c) After all this goes on in my heart, I feel the presence of Jesus, get humbled and therefore hopeful, and feel a new yearning to want to redeem the season rather than rejecting it.  So, I go out and buy gifts for family and friends, buying things that they want rather than things I want them to have (big difference there), and seek opportunities to share with them the reason we all give gifts during this season, because God gave us the best gift, His Son Jesus.

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