President Obama’s State of the Union Speech Tonight

Barack Obama

Today the most important political event that will likely occur will be President Obama’s ‘State of the Union’ address.  Appearing before Congress the President of the United States will be invited to speak to the nation, greeting friends and acquaintances on both sides of the aisle as he walks down to the podium with a large smile.  You can be sure the President’s arrival into the House of Representatives will come with great pomp and circumstance as it always does, after all he is the President, and therefore it’s fitting.  But I do doubt that many will watch tonight simply because most everyone who cares about what President Obama has to say either already know what he is going to say or will be there in the room while he is saying it.  His big three items on the agenda have been known for some time now, so there is probably not going to be any surprises tonight. Here’s a brief rundown of the 3 main items the President will speak on:

1) A need for increased revenue.  Has the government ever had a balanced budget?  This item is not going to catch anyone off guard, but what may catch the upper class off guard tonight is that the President will call for increased revenue by increasing taxes on them.  After all, if we do increase the revenue, where are we going to get that money from?  Well, the answer he has given before we’ll probably hear again tonight: from those who have it.

2) The promise of a middle class tax cut.  It is common to want to alleviate the financial tension placed on the middle class.  That the United States still has a middle class is something to be noticed in its own right, but it’s always those of us in the middle who are hit the hardest it seems.  We don’t make enough money to get hit by massive tax rates (though we all feel the taxes we do pay!) and we make too much to be allowed into government help programs.  But again, if a tax cut is coming to the middle class, who will make up for it?  See item #1, where the President tells us we need more revenue.  So again, upper class is going to take another hit on this item tonight.

I’m no politician but wouldn’t it make more sense to cut taxes equally across the board, even for the rich?  Then the wealthy would be able to put more money back into the economy rather than seeking ways to keep their money away from the government who is always trying to take it away.  To me, all of this is sounding very familiar to an old movie we’ve all seen: Robin Hood.

3) Finally the President will be suggesting that 2 years of local community college should be considered as normal as high school for every student in America, AND those 2 years in community college should be FREE.  Interesting thought, and time will tell if this does indeed change things for higher education.  It may in the long run but it seems that for those who really want higher education scholarships and help abounds.  Also, 2 free years of community college may set someone on the right track, but nowadays to be competitive in the job market you do need a Master’s degree.  Again, time will tell if this makes any major shift in education.  BUT the main issue remains, if these first 2 years of community college are going to be free who is paying for it?  The conclusion it seems will be the same here in this third item as it was for the previous two: more taxes to the rich, more cuts for the poor, aiming to equalize everyone.

So are you going to watch the SOTU tonight?  You should.  Gather your family, kids included, and see what President Obama has to say.  Whether we disagree or agree with him we all will have to live with decisions he makes, we all will learn something, and regardless of how many times President Obama reminds us that he is still the President (due to the Republican takeover this past election) watching the SOTU will be a good reminder to all adults and children that Romans 13 calls us to submit to our government AS IT IS, NOT AS IT OUGHT TO BE.

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