The Posture of Prayer: Waiting

Isaiah 26:8, “In the path of Your judgments, O LORD, we wait for You; Your name and renown are the desire of our soul.”

Chris Robins:

Really? I mean, that sounds like sitting on the tracks of a bullet train. You wouldn’t even know what hit you. But then I realize my heart is exposed by that response. I don’t love Him that way, like I should, like Isaiah does. “Don’t judge” is the mumble and mantra of our whole generation, and we often sheepishly look at our shoes when the judgments of God are criticized or mentioned.

Part of it’s the religious idiots. Christ dealt with them, the trigger happy Judge Judy’s of religion, eager to point their finger like its God’s finger – claiming this or that about Katrina or AIDS or elementary school murders like they were the prophets of old. Honestly, their condemnation is the three fingers pointing back at them. What, are they here to correct our Savior about His teaching?

Christ Himself was clear. Bad stuff happens, yeah, and you’d better be wondering every time you hear about it on CNN “huh, how did I dodge that bullet? That’s what I deserved.” The other part is the religious cowards. They’ve got a burden to soft sell and spin the holy judgments of God in the bible. They’re at the wedding supper of the Lamb, but the Lamb’s actually getting a little embarrassing at the table the way He’s making a scene about the Amorites and all, so they’re apologizing to the rest of the restaurant. Who, in their right mind, would imagine apologizing for the Lord of Hosts? Makes me nervous just thinking about it. I don’t want to be seated anywhere near them at that table. There are bouncers. Jesus told us.

Anyway, Isaiah wants to sit on this judgment road of God, and it’s all about the Name and remembering God. And it’s all the desire of his very soul. Wow. And there’s this glorious waiting, the posture of prayer for all true children of God. Then I get it. Then I see the gospel, dazzling Isaiah’s eyes by the Holy Spirit. Yes Father. The path of Your judgments went right to the cross, and I’m sitting on those tracks for dear life. Yes Father, the path of Your judgment on me was walked by Jesus and I’m waiting for that train. Yes Father. Show the path of Your judgments to us by showing the mercy of the cross to thousands. We plead with You like Abraham did on the road to Sodom, that same path of Your judgments You have walked many a time. We say with him “shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” In Jesus Name do right by Him. Amen.

Praise Him with loudest Praise!

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