R.C. Sproul’s Advice to a Young Pastor

Last week R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries hosted an hour-long live Q&A on Twitter.  Many questions were submitted and as soon as Ligonier compiles them all I’ll post them up here for you.  I submitted a question and I thought the answer was phenomenal, here it is for you.

My question: @rcsproul, what advice would you give to a young pastor?

R.C.’s answer: , Get in the Word. Get deep in the Word. Stay in the Word. And devote yourself to prayer.

The reason I love this answer to my question is that it doesn’t seek to give me “new insight” but reminds me of where true insight is found and where true ministry is built from: word and prayer.  Amen!

One thought on “R.C. Sproul’s Advice to a Young Pastor

  1. Saw this on Twitter during the Q&A. It is a phenomenal answer, it is what I have been praying specifically for you ever since.

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