John Newton: The Parent

John Newton is well known for writing the historic song “Amazing Grace.”  What we don’t often hear about is his parenting.  His daughter, Betsy, was growing up and about to set sail in the vast seas of this world and John, being a godly father, had these words to encourage her voyage. May the same words be true of us as we seek to parent children in a fallen world.

I know there is an infallible Pilot, who has the winds and the waves at His command. There is hardly a day passes in which I do not entreat Him to take charge of you. Under His care I know you will be safe; He can guide you, unhurt, amidst the storms, and rocks, and dangers, by which you might otherwise suffer, and bring you, at last, to the haven of eternal rest…Our voyage through life will sometimes be incommoded by storms, but the Lord Jesus is an infallible, almighty Pilot. The winds and the seas obey him. None ever miscarried under his care; and He takes charge of all who entrust themselves to Him.

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