John Newton: On Vocation

Have you ever wondered what God’s will is for your vocation?

This is often a daunting task to think about especially if you’re unemployed, graduating soon, or have already graduated from school and have moved back in with Mom and Dad.  One of the reasons this can be such a troublesome thought process is that we’ve been tricked into thinking that we can only serve God if we’re doing full time “Christian ministry.”  That is ridiculous for a couple reasons:

1) Every Christian is a minister of the gospel wherever you go.

2) Though being a pastor is great, you don’t need to be a “pastor” to please God.

3) You can do what you enjoy and make much of God in the arena of your gifting.

Pastoral work, lumberjacks, mechanics, potters, carpenters, soldiers, real estate agents, bankers, lawyers are all good careers and in them God can ‘perhaps’ be glorified.  Perhaps.  I say “perhaps” because we won’t glorify God if we’re working in an arena which we’re not gifted to work in.  We glorify God in our vocation only if we’re laboring within the arena He’s gifted us to do.  How do we know what we’re gifted to do?  Answer this question within the parameters of godly thinking, as opposed to sinful thinking: what do you enjoy to do?

Hear John Newton on this topic:

Whatever we may undertake with a sincere desire to promote His glory, we may comfortably pursue. Nothing is trivial that is done for Him.


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