The Supremacy of Christ in Redemption, part 2

We now have come to the high point in the Regal Christ Hymn.  In Colossians 1:20 we read, “and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of His cross.”

From this we learn Jesus is both the Agent of reconciliation and the One true Peacemaker. Humanities fall into sin brought with it the perversion of the entire created order. The world we now do life in is fallen, and life in a fallen world is hard. Deep down everyone knows something is wrong here. We may not be able to explain it but we know we were made for more than what we currently experience. The Christian has the only true remedy for the fall. Enter Jesus, the One through whom all things were made, the One for whom all things exist, the One who sustains all of creation by the word of His power, the holy and eternal Son of God reconciles and provides peace with God through His righteous life and by the blood of His atoning death. This good news demands a response from every man and woman on the planet. If we don’t revere and bow the knee to Christ here embracing His grace in the gospel, we will bow before the awe-filled Lord of glory on the great and terrible day of judgment.

What are we to do with this glorious Regal hymn of Colossians 1:15-20? Recall the position of the Colossians. New believers who were slowly growing into a low view of Christ. Paul corrects this by giving them the high view of Christ they ought to embrace. We too, find ourselves in a similar time as the Colossian Christians were, and we too must return to a proper view of Christ, which is a high view of Christ. We must do 2 things with this:

  • This high view of Christ must be applied to us personally, and impact all we do as individuals.
  • This high view of Christ must be applied to us corporately, and impact all we do as the local church.

When we as individuals and when we as a congregation embrace a high view of Christ we’ll gain a high view of what Christ loves – what does Christ love? His Church. When a love for His Church grows in us we’ll gain a high view of the Word of God, which builds His Church. When we gain a high view of the Church and the Word of God we’ll gain a high view of Church membership, and when we gain a high view of church membership we’ll grow in our commitment to love one another – which in turn will be a testimony to the world around us, that we follow the supreme and regal Christ together.

John MacArthur once gave an illustration that is helpful here.  In 1966 a world famous Hindu mystic named Rao became convinced he could walk on water. He was so confident of his own spiritual power he announced he would perform the feat before a live audience. Tickets were sold at $100 a piece, and around 600 of India’s elite turned out to behold the miracle. So there they were. Rao and the curious onlookers gathered in a large Bombay garden next to a deep pool. Rao walked out in flowing white robes, stepping up confidently to the edge of the pool, everyone got quiet as the holy man closed his eyes to pray. He opened his eyes, looked toward heaven, boldly stepped forward, and with an awkward splash he disappeared beneath the water. Red-faced, angry, he climbed out of the pool, and indignantly shouted at the crowd, “One of you is an unbeliever!”

Many people throughout history, many people today, and before the Lord returns many more people still will claim to have some special kind of spiritual power that sets them apart from all the rest. But every single one of these phonies eventually makes themselves a clear contrast to the One who really did walk on water. Jesus Christ always has, does this very moment, and always will hold all power.

Jesus is unique. There is no one like Him, and there is no God but Him. He’s no phony. He’s the real thing.

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