We Sin, But Sin Is Not Our Custom

1 John 3:9 says, “No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.”

Upon reading this verse some of you may be thinking UH-OH.  Now, your UH-OH is personally warranted because you know how much you fall short day after day because of your sin.  Every human being on the planet feels the same way you do about this, it’s just that some are more honest about their sin than others.  So what do we make of this verse?  Is it really true that if we sin we have no part in Christ?  Clark Davidson helps us out:

It’s not that sin is not in him (the Christian), or that he never is guilty of an act of sin; but it is not his delight, it is not his custom, he follows it not with full consent, he makes not a trade of it.

Yes, every Christian sins, and there may even be seasons of gross immoral sin.  But notice how 1 John 3:9 says, “…practices sin…”?  This phrase means that one born of God does not make a continual practice of sin, as if sin were a lifestyle or a habit which one would revolve their life around.

In this life freedom from the penalty of sin does not mean that we’ll have freedom from the presence and influence of sin.  The power of sin remains though its dominion in the soul is crushed.  For the Christian, sin will happen far more often than you’d like to admit, but sin is not something that delights us, it afflicts our souls.

Sin is not our custom.

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