Delighting in the Duty of Daily Worship

Each Sunday we gather to worship God.  An oft overlooked aspect of Lord’s Day worship is that it is supplemental.  This means what happens on Sunday should be an overflow and an add-on to the worship that has already been happening in our lives throughout the week.  Worship is more than what we do on Sundays when we gather together as the Church – worship is the way we live our lives.  Romans 12:1 makes this crystal clear, “Therefore, I urge you brothers, by the mercy of God to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, this is your spiritual act of worship.”

This means our focus on the Lord’s Day in worship should be our focus everyday of the week.

Daily we’re to worship God.  Not just any God, but God over all, the King of ages who has revealed Himself to us through the gospel as Father, Son, and Spirit.  This God is worthy of our worship, worthy of all praise, and He commands us to worship Him.  But what’s in view here is more than mere duty.  God commands us to delight in the duty of praising Him.

This is most clearly understood in terms of beauty.

What makes worship beautiful isn’t those doing it, leading it, living it, or even those loving it.  What makes worship beautiful is the object of our worship – God Himself, who is wonderfully delightful.  If this is a new thought to you, here’s my advice on how to worship God everyday of your life: as you worship don’t think about worship, think about God, and you’ll find yourself worshipping.

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