Pastors: Ask Your People to Worship With You, Not For You

Helpful quote from Mark Ashton on a team approach to planning worship:

It is helpful to have a meeting to plan and review services in order to learn from mistakes and to develop good practice.  Obviously some churches do not have this opportunity, but where the person responsible for Bible teaching and the person responsible for the music can confer and pray together, it will raise the quality of the services.  If such a meeting can be weekly and can include one or two others, with draft outlines of the service prepared and circulated in advance, it will be better still.  It is particularly important to assess the sermon and to consider how the rest of the service relates to it.  Sermons should not be divorced from the context in which they are delivered.  Ever preacher benefits from hearing his sermons reviewed, and every service benefits from the preacher playing a part in its preparation…The best services are normally team efforts, demonstrating the corporateness of the Christian life.  But a mistake we often make is to draw others in to help with the execution of the service rather than with the planning and preparation of the service…this is the difference between asking someone to do something for us and to do something with us.

(Worship by the Book, edited by D.A. Carson, page 80-82)

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