Holiness Is A Reflection of God

Lastly we see this in 1 Peter 1:13-16…

Holiness is a Reflection of God (v15-16)

It is said that the moon, though appearing to be very bright, has no light of it’s own – it only reflects the sun. The same is true of us, in and of ourselves we have no holiness, we are mere reflectors of God’s pure light.

Peter says this in our passage in v15 and v16. In v15 he says ‘…as He who called you is holy, you also be holy…” while v16 quotes Leviticus 11:44 where God says, “Be holy, for I am holy.” These two verses teach us that the foundation of our own holiness is God’s holiness, further, that our holiness is a reflection of God’s holiness.

This should come as no surprise to you. God’s one dominating and all-encompassing attribute is His holiness.

We never read of God being ‘love, love, love’ or ‘just, just, just’ or ‘grace, grace, grace’ or ‘wrath, wrath, wrath.’ We never even read of God being ‘sovereign, sovereign, sovereign.’ The one thing the Bible does say in Isaiah 6:3 is that God is ‘Holy, holy, holy.’  This makes God’s love a holy love.  This makes God’s justice a holy justice.  His grace and mercy become a holy grace and holy mercy.  His wrath is a holy wrath, His sovereignty is a holy authority.

Bottom line?

Because God is holy, we’re to be holy.  If we claim Him as our Father, and our Father is holy, holy, holy, the family resemblance should be seen in us.

In this we see the gospel, and should be stunned at what God has done through His Son in our behalf.  Mark Jones says, “Nothing should provide us with more awe and delight: the Holy One of God was declared unholy, so that unholy sinners might stand unblemished before a Holy God.”

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