‘I Don’t Do Theology, I Just Love Jesus’

For the past two days I’ve been making the argument that theology is practical.  We’ve read a gem of a quote from Spurgeon, and seen three passages that make this point clear.  Today, here’s another way to look at it.

Another way to understand the practical nature of theology is to understand a simple truth that is often overlooked. This simple truth is that:

‘Everyone is a theologian.’

You ever thought of that? Everyone you’ve ever met in your life is a theologian, and you are also a theologian.

Let me explain. If you’ve ever had a thought about God, who God is, what God is like, what God demands of us, what God does, what God doesn’t do, etc, you’re doing theology. I’ve heard too many people who say ‘I don’t love theology, I just love Jesus’ and go on through life with a simple faith that avoids all deep thinking about God. These people are severely mistaken. What they don’t understand is that when they say ‘I don’t love theology, I just love Jesus’ they’re making a profoundly theological statement. It’s an incorrect theological statement to be sure, but it is a theological statement.

The point of this is simple: we can never escape theology.

So the question isn’t ‘Do you do theology or not?’ The question is ‘Do you do theology correctly or incorrectly?’ And that question is answered depending on how you do theology.  Do you think about God on your own terms, or do you submit to His Word and believe what His Word says about Him?  Theology on your own terms is simply humanism wrapped in Christian garb.  Theology on God’s terms is rich, life-giving study that delights the souls of God’s people.

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