What’s the Alternative to Studying Theology?

Perhaps you’ve tracked along all this past week and still think theology feels too much like dissecting a frog in a cold science lab. Is that you?

Be encouraged.  But studying who God is and what He is like doesn’t have to be that way. Joshua Harris once said, ‘You can study God the way you study an ocean sunset or sunrise that takes your breath away. You can study God the same way a husband studies his wife, knowing exactly what she likes and dislikes, her joys and sorrows.’

The study of God doesn’t have to be cold and lifeless. In fact I believe just the opposite, that those who set themselves to deep theology are the happiest people on earth.

Joshua Harris continued that above quote by asking, ‘What is the alternative to studying theology? Ignorance? Falsehood? We’re either building on lives on the reality of what God is truly like and what He’s about, or we’re basing our lives on our own imagination and misconceptions.’

So what is theology?

It is the study of God yes, but to put it simply it is the ‘application of Scripture to every area of life.’ (John Frame)

With all the theological trash being taught today we need theology because when we come to God, we cannot come to Him on our terms, we must come to Him on His. And when we come to Him on His terms, we know Him as He is, and when we know Him as He is, we know Him better and deeper.

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