Why the Incomprehensibility of God Matters

4 things show us why the incomprehensibility of God matters so greatly:

a) God is great, God is inexhaustible…sometimes the most fitting application is to simply praise God for who He is. Praise God!

b) We can never fully understand any single thing about God. His greatness, His understanding, His knowledge, His riches, wisdom, judgments, and ways are all beyond our ability to understand fully. Job says this in Job 26:14, that what we can know of God is ‘but the outskirts of His ways, and how small a whisper do we hear of Him!’ Knowing that we can know who God is and what He is like but never know Him as He knows Himself (fully) leaves us where David was in Psalm 139:6, ‘Such knowledge is too wonderful to me, it is high, I cannot attain it.’

c) We can never know ‘too much’ about God. Too many times people have told me that I’m too heavenly minded and not really here on earth. To which I respond, ‘Is that a bad thing? No it’s not, but I’ll tell you this – the only way to be of any true use here on earth is to be heavenly minded, for then we’ll direct man to what he needs most – God. The truth of the incomprehensibility of God is that we will never run out of things to learn about Him, and will therefore never grow weary but will continue on delighting in more and more of God’s excellence and the greatness of His works as we grow in our knowledge of Him.

d) Some people say heaven will be ‘boring, like an eternal church service.’ Which I respond with ‘You’re kidding right? What we experience in Sunday worship is a foretaste of what it will be like in heaven, that you don’t want Him here in a normal church service means you won’t want Him there either, which tells me you won’t be there in heaven.’

I hope you see now that God’s incomprehensibility solves this issue for us. When we’re freed from the presence of sin and enter into glory, for all eternity we’ll behold Him and learn and grow in our knowledge of Him. I say this because God is infinite, which means it will take all eternity to know Him fully, thus we’ll be growing in our knowledge of Him for all eternity.

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