Man’s Significance is Found in Glorifying God – Not Himself

God is not deficient, God is not weak, God is not needy. He is fully sufficient, He is strong, He needs nothing to exist perfectly, God is independent.

So what?

1) The first reason the aseity of God matters so much is that throughout history every culture (even our own) has searched for something that is ‘a se’ – an ultimate being, or and ultimate standard of truth. People have tried to say it’s Mother Nature, this god or that god, human knowledge or experience, reason, logic, or some type of combination of these things. Philosophers for ages have sought after the concept of ‘the Absolute’ because they know if such a thing exist it would be the grounds for every other thing, but have never quite found it, which is really to say they refuse to see it in the God of the Bible. Thus, the non-Christian search for the ultimate ‘a se’ being has been frustratingly awkward because they’ve never seen it, though it is directly before their eyes. Or when they’ve thought to have found it, it changed a few years later. The result of this frustration is that many people have given up the search and rather than seeking to bank their lives on something stable like the ‘god’ people have embrace the idea of chaos or meaninglessness.

Of course we know the answer don’t we? Only the God of the Bible can give meaning to human experience and reason. So don’t think the aseity or the independence of God is something that is only abstract, like a distant theory. If we don’t embrace God as fully independent, God ceases to be God because He would be dependent on something else for His existence. It produces worship in us, makes us thankful that such a God would willingly redeem us, and a heart that is thankful to God will produce much fruit for God.

2) The second reason the aseity of God matters comes into view when we remember where we live: a nation that values ‘independence’ very highly. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re an independent nation, made up of independent people, free from the reign or rule of any king. ‘We serve no sovereign’ was a motto of the American Revolution. Whether or not this is a good value for us have as a nation and more so as individuals is a question worth asking, and a question that I’ve got strong opinions about, but not one we’ll dive into today. Rather, I simply want to point something out. You know one thing that isn’t valued in our independent nation today, and one thing (sad to say) that’s not valued within the American church today? The independence of God.

Rather than believing that God exists for Himself, and in Himself fully, too many within the American church believe that God exists for us, for me, for my gain, for my glory. This is a dangerous place to be, this is a heretical doctrine to believe, and sadly one that is spread all over modern day ‘Christian’ radio.

3) The third and last reason the aseity of God matters so much is that we and the rest of creation can glorify God and bring Him joy. Some can talk of the aseity of God in such a manner where God is so great and so big that mankind becomes meaningless. Someone may say, ‘If God is so independent and doesn’t need us for anything, are we important at all?’ Of course the answer is, ‘Yes, we are very meaningful. Our existence matters a great deal, and everything we do matters as well.’ We see this in His aseity and independence clearly. God didn’t have to make anything, He didn’t have to make a world and then populate that world, but He did. Why? For His glory. Isaiah 43:6-7 says we were made for the glory of God. This means man’s primary purpose in life is to join up with God’s primary purpose in His life, namely, to glorify God.

When man refuses to glorify God we refuse to do the very thing we were created for and it grieves the heart of God, but when we glorify God, God is joyful and our life becomes ripe with meaning, purpose, and fullness. So the meaningfulness of man comes in that man was made by God and for God.

Yes, God does not need us for anything, yet it is an amazing fact of our existence that God freely chooses to create us, allow us to glorify Him, and bring him joy.

So hear this most important statement: to be significant and meaningful to God, is not to believe that we are the center of God’s affections, or that God loves us more than He loves anything in existence. No, to be significant and meaningful to God, in the most ultimate sense, is to live for and love God with all our might

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