Wisdom vs. Knowledge & Grudem vs. Berkhof & GOD’S GLORY

Many people pit wisdom against knowledge saying knowledge is mere facts held in the head while wisdom is those facts applied in daily life. Is this true? Perhaps. There’s certainly something to be said for it, and in a real sense wisdom really is the ‘art of living well.’ But there’s more we can see to this.

The wisdom of God is related to the truth of God as light is related to the sun. All the natural light on earth comes from the sun, just as all the wisdom of God we know comes from the infinite well of God’s truth. Or you could just as easily say it the other way, that all the truth of God we know comes from the infinite well of God’s wisdom. So see how you cannot remove one from the other, they are inextricably bound, so much so that some consider the wisdom/truth of God to be synonyms. Thus, just as we can look at the light and learn of the sun, we can look into the wisdom of God found in the Word of God and learn of the truth of God or to say it the other way again, we can look into the truth of God which is the Word of God and learn of the wisdom of God. John Frame says it like this, ‘God’s wisdom is the source of His Words and laws. It is the source and standard for all of the world’s knowledge and skills, for godly living, and for the way of salvation in Christ.’ By sending it out God intends His truth and wisdom to lead us back to Him ‘our exceeding joy’ (Psalm 43:4).

Therefore the truth and wisdom of God are precious to us, because without them we wouldn’t know God. This week we’ll focus on what the Scripture has to say about God’s wisdom, and even then we’ll see His truth come into play again and again.

Defined: Grudem Should’ve Gone Farther

Wayne Grudem defines God’s wisdom as ‘God always choosing the best goals and best means to those goals.’ I whole heartedly want to affirm this definition, but I wholeheartedly want to see more in it. What else could he have said? Grudem should’ve gone farther to include how God’s choice of goals and means relates to His glory. Why? Because God does everything (including using His wisdom) for His own glory. Thus, to define anything in theology apart from the glory of God is to fall short of its Biblical reality.

Louis Berkhof defines God’s wisdom in a fuller scope by bringing God’s glory into view saying God’s wisdom is ‘…that perfection in God whereby He applies His knowledge to the attainment of His ends in a way which glorifies Him most.’

So in these definitions we see a grand reality: of all the infinite possibilities that could be, God always chooses what is best. More so, in carrying all His works, He not only know the best way to carry them out, He knows the best way to carry out His works so as to glorify Himself the most. To be able to do this demands an omniscient mind, and such is God’s.

This is good news for us, we’ll look at more at that throughout this week.

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