Want Some Good News?

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ…” (Mark 1:1a)

Do you ever watch the evening news? Man, is it a downer, sometimes. Within the first five minutes you hear about a double homicide, a kidnapping, a terrorist attack, and some corrupt politician who has been caught doing something shady. And then on top of all that, you find out it’s going to rain all weekend. It just seems like the world is full of bad news. I think that is why we have the saying, “no news, is good news” because so much news is bad news.

Well, the word “gospel” in the verse above literally means “good news.” And in a world full of bad news, we need some good news. This news that Mark speaks of is not just good news, it’s the best news we could ever hear. It’s the good news of Jesus Christ! And the reason that news is so good is because we are sinners who have rebelled against God and as a result His wrath hovers over us. We have offended a holy God with our sin. And left to ourselves, there is no way that we can make this right.

Imagine if you were given the task of counting every single grain of sand in the world.  Do you think you could do it? Of course not, it is literally impossible. And as impossible as it is, the chances of you counting every single grain of sand in the world is far more likely than you being able to remove the wrath of God that rests upon you because of your sin. It can’t be done. On our own we cannot appease God, we cannot make right what we have made wrong. We have sinned against God and we deserve punishment and there is nothing we can do to fix that.

But the good news of the gospel is that

Christ has done what we could never do.

He lived the perfect life that we were supposed to live but failed, and died in our place taking the death we deserve, and then three days later He rose again. And in doing so, He has removed the punishment off of those who trust in Him. Our sin, our shame, and our punishment has all been nailed to the cross, and we have been forgiven because of Christ’s sacrificial work. The good news is that all those who turn from their sin and turn in faith to Jesus will be saved and will spend eternity with Him.

That is the good news. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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