Where Will You Be On 10/29?

October 29th is a day to mark off on your calendar because it is the day of the first (and from this point on Lord willing, annual) Publicans Conference. Andrew, Matt, Sam, and myself are eager to join with you and share the Word of God with you. We’re eager to sing with you. We’re eager to see you encouraged, hopeful, and stirred for the glory of God anew. Our theme for this first year is WE ARE PILGRIMS. Admission is FREE because we want to bless you with a robust God-centered day of gospel glorious-ness. So if you live in or around the Gulf coast, come join us! Here’s five reasons why you should:

From 9am-3pm we’ll be:

  1. Gathering to glut our souls on God
  2. Hearing from 4 speakers
  3. Engage in 2 Q&A’s
  4. Enjoy the fellowship and encouragement of the saints
  5. And get some freebies, yes freebies

Most of you know, but perhaps some of you don’t, that we Publicans are book people. We read books, we write about books, we have pictures of dead authors on our walls, and we do not feel the least bit ashamed about this. In a day when deep, clear, and communicated theology is lacking within the Church, we hope to be a light shining in the darkness. The reason why we love good books, from both living and dead authors, is because in them we grow in our knowledge of God, and the more we grow in the knowledge of God the more we abound and delightfully enjoy God. We believe our joy in God glorifies God, so we read to make ourselves happy in God. This is why we love reading Sproul and Calvin, Piper and Luther, Packer and Spurgeon, etc. Sure they’re great guys and we enjoy spending time with them through their books, but we read them not because of them, but because of God. Do not miss this.

We want to share this with you. The first 50 people who walk in the door at 8:30am on October 29th will receive 3 free books. ALSO, there will be a book giveaway during the morning session, and a larger book giveaway during the afternoon session. Free conference? Free encouragement in what matters most? Free books? Fellowship? Why would you not come?

So where are you going to be on October 29? I hope to see you soon.


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