My 2017 Reading Plan

I like to read books. 

While some of these books have changed my life, others have been a complete waste of time. No doubt, all of them have shaped me to varying degrees. When thinking about how to plan my reading well, I’ve learned that a structured plan is best for me. So in the above picture you’ll find what I plan to read in 2017. I share this with you not to impress you or to somehow get you thinking that I’m smarter than I really am, ha! I do this because I really do think these will be fruitful ideas for your own reading this year.

I’ll explain each choice below:

(Disclaimer: before I pick up any of these books know that the most important book I’ll be reading this year is my Bible. No Christian should pick up a book, until they’ve read their Bible first…onto the list)

Kingdom Come: Sam Storms foundational work on the Amillenial position. This was in my list from last year, and because I never got to it last year it’s my first book up this year.

Family Worship: I’ve admired Joel Beeke ever since I first heard him preach in 2012 at the Desiring God Pastors conference. He’s a big proponent of family worship, and seeing the benefits of family worship in my own family makes me want to do it better. This will help me and you as well.

A Quest for Godliness: J.I. Packer is one of the most refreshing authors of our time. Because of this each year I try to read a Packer book. Put the beauty of the Puritans together with the clarity and helpfulness of Packer and you’ve got a gem of a book. I’m eagerly waiting to get to this one.

Thoughts for Young Men: Small books are helpful. J.C. Ryle extends help to all young men here by calling them to a life of continual reformation and refining. Though short, I’m thinking this one will hurt to read, which, will be good for me and you once picked up.

Simplicity in Preaching: Again, small books are helpful. Every year I make sure to read a book on preaching, to stay sharp, to stay humble, and to remain teachable…so Ryle is on deck for 2017 for my preaching encouragement.

The Legacy of Luther: Did you really think I’d get through the 500th anniversary of the Reformation without a book on Luther? No way! My reformed fibers are full of gusto as we approach this year, and I can’t wait to get into this one. You need to read this, especially since it’s year 500 this year.

The Puritan Hope: Iain Murray is becoming one of my favorite authors. After reading his book ‘The Forgotten Spurgeon’ last year I looked on my shelf for another Murray book and I found this one – thus it’s on my shelf and list for this year.

9Marks of a Healthy Church series: Few things have been more helpful to me as a pastor than 9Marks ministries led by Mark Dever. These are short books on each of the marks of a healthy church, so I plan to tackle them quickly and joyfully and be reminded of what I’m to be focusing on in God’s calling for my life.

A Peculiar Glory: If I have time left in the year, I want to read some Piper. No words need be given to describe this man’s influence on many. I want to be more influenced by him, and I know this one will be good.

What are you reading this year?

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