The Publican’s Conference 2017

With our second annual conference just a day away we wanted to take a moment and just give everyone an update on what to expect and how excited we are for tomorrow.

First, this years conference will feature several pastors from around the bay area as well as contributors from Georgia. Each of the men speaking this week labors inside a local church week in and week out and will be speaking from the heart of a pastor to all who attend. This is a great opportunity to see the church in a fuller sense, beyond the four walls we individually call home, along with hearing from some great men of God who love the Lord and His saints. The Publican’s conference Tomorrow, will attest to the glory of the reformation as it continues today. However, we no longer allow some doctrinal distinctions in our reformed camps to force us to stand apart, but rather as one we proclaim the glory of God, the centrality of Christ, the truth of Scripture, the need of faith, and the blessed work of Grace in our lives.

Second, we will be celebrating one of the key events in the history of the church, and why this event, and its aftermath, should not be forgotten from the Christian church today. Recent studies and surveys show that more than half of evangelicals could not identify who Martin Luther was or why he was important to the church. As the Church drifts more and more into the “me” centered , moment by moment experience for living, we lose sight of the those who labored for the gospel and how their lives have directly changed our own. We study great men in the history of the church, not to venerate them as some kind of untouchable saint, but to appreciate the work they did laboring over the Word of God and calling all men and women to do the same. We know that every player in the reformation was not without error or perfect. Their doctrines in many cases didn’t line up perfectly, nor did they even seem to fully like each other, but their call to return to Scripture is the hallmark of the Church today, and the overall focus of what you can expect tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see many of you with us tomorrow. Also you don’t’ want to miss out on the opportunity to possibly get some book in our annual giveaway.

Doors open at 8, and the conference will kick off at 9.

9:10 – Session 1: Andrew Jaenichen: The Hammer Heard Round the World: The Events that Led to the Reformation

9:55 – Session 2: Aaron Currin: The Great Recovery: Justification by Faith Alone

10:40 – Session 3: Matt Noble: Who’s Our Priest? The Pope & Jesus Christ

11:25 – Morning book giveaways

11:30 – Break for Lunch


12:40 – Session 4: Adam Powers: A Celestial Theater of Grace: Calvin On Corporate Worship

1:25 – Session 5: Austin Wynn: The Legacy of the Reformation, Christ Will Build His Church

2:10 – Session 6: Tanner Cline: Always Reforming: Where Do We Go From Here?

2:50 – Afternoon book giveaways

3:00 – Closing Song: A Mighty Fortress

Location: Riverside Baptist Church, 6219 River Road, New Port Richey, FL 34652

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