TODAY 1553: John Calvin & Michael Servetus

Michael Servetus was a thinker who seems to have been the first to describe the “pulmonary transit” of blood through the lung from the heart’s right ventricle to the left auricle.  He didn't, however, stick to anatomical studies, he ventured into theology.  By doing so, he embraced a heretical view by rejecting the Trinity and … Continue reading TODAY 1553: John Calvin & Michael Servetus


Andy Stanley – Joel Osteen: Brothers in Heresy

From Pulpit and Pen: Editors Note. This article was originally written and posted at Jeff Maples Blog and is being reprinted here with permission. Remember the old days where churches had steeples and stained glass windows? Remember when there were pews and a choir that sang edifying hymns to our Lord? Remember those days when people wore … Continue reading Andy Stanley – Joel Osteen: Brothers in Heresy

False Teachers: Brian McLaren

Tim Challies: Along the way we have visited such figures as Joseph Smith (Mormonism), Ellen G. White (Adventism), Norman Vincent Peale (Positive Thinking) and Benny Hinn(Faith Healing). Today we turn to a man who helped lead the Emerging Church and who was once named by TIME as one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America. BRIAN MCLAREN Brian McLaren (born in 1956) studied humanities at … Continue reading False Teachers: Brian McLaren

False Teachers: Charles Taze Russell

Tim Challies: We continue this morning with a false teacher whose name has been nearly forgotten even though his followers regularly knock on your door. He is Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Charles Taze Russell was born on February 16, 1852 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, the second of five children born to Joseph and … Continue reading False Teachers: Charles Taze Russell