How We Ought to Fight Heresy

A few weeks ago Ray Ortlund mentioned a 65 year old article that was very good.  It was the July 1954 issue of Reformation Review, in which Francis Schaeffer published very good article called, “How Heresy Should Be Met.”  Schaeffer said we fight heresy not by seeking to prove the person wrong, but to win them back to Christ.

“The final problem is not to prove men wrong, but to win them back to Christ.  Therefore, the only ultimately successful apologetic is, first, a clear, intellectual statement of what is wrong with the false doctrine, plus a clear, intellectual return to the proper scriptural emphasis, in all its vitality and in its relation to the total Christian faith, plus a demonstration in the life that this correct and vital scriptural emphasis meets the genuine needs and aspirations of men in a way that Satan’s counterfeit does not.”

In your next debate with someone you disagree with, aim to not merely win the argument but win them back to Christ.  This will surely guard your own soul from arrogance and increase your love for your “opponent.”