Seeking King and Kingdom

Nowadays it is very “in” to be concerned about social justice. In fact, it is so popular that some people speak of passion for social justice as trendy and hip. When it comes to the church there are two extremes on these issues:

a) Those who are very concerned about social justice have a cry and plea to the Church at large to be about the relieving of poverty as much as you can, in as many ways as you can. So much so that this tends to become their “gospel” if you will. They say that before you give them a Bible, or any type of spiritual aid, you must care for their physical needs first.

b) Those who are very concerned that social justice should come after spiritual health and salvation have a cry and plea to the Church at large to be about the winning of souls first and foremost. They say this because they believe the spiritual health and stance before God is the most important issue that could ever be dealt with on the planet. If you give someone a blanket, feed them, cloth them and never share the gospel with them, have you really helped them? They answer with an emphatic, “No.”

What do we do with these two groups? Which one is right? Are they both wrong? They can’t be both right, can they? These are good questions to ask of a very important issue for our time. Social justice and salvation are major realities in our world that must be dealt with, and if one is dealt with at the expense of the other, we sin.

You see, those searching for social justice only are seeking the Kingdom of God with no King. On the other hand, those who are seeking for the salvation of the nations are seeking for the King with no Kingdom. Let’s be people who seek both the King and the Kingdom.