We are not only Publicans, most of us are pastors. Therefore we exist to lead the people of God, into the enjoyment of God, through the exposition and proclamation of the Word of God, for the glory of God. People are not only most happy, but most satisfied and grounded in God when they are offered a steady diet of the Word of God, proclaimed in expository form.

To access Aaron’s sermons please visit the BLDG 28 website or download their app.

To access Adam’s sermons please visit the SonRiseCC website or see their podcast.

To access Andrew’s sermons please visit the Riverside Baptist website.

To access Austin’s sermons please visit the Westside Baptist website.

To access Don’s sermons please visit the Eldred Baptist website.

To access Jake’s sermons please visit the New Testament Baptist page on Sermon Audio.


One thought on “Sermons

  1. Hey Roger, appreciate your words. I do not have any sermons on Psalm 119 yet, but if I were you I would look to Charles Spurgeon’s Treasury of David, very good stuff!

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