Who We Are

We are…

Christian – We affirm that Jesus is our Treasure & Savior.

Protestant – We affirm the five ‘solas’ of the Reformation.

Evangelical – We believe in the necessity and sufficiency of the Gospel.

Confessional – We believe historical creeds and confessions of the Church are the best expressions of what we believe. Among our contributors we hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Second London Baptist Confession (1689).

Reformed – We affirm the God-centered theology of the Reformation.

Perfected and in Process – We affirm the perfection of Christ made our own through faith, yet equally affirm our own lack of and need for growth in personal holiness. We have already been perfected, but are still in process.

Aaron Currin: bio coming soon…

FullSizeRender-4Adam Powers: Adam serves as Pastor to SonRise Community Church in New Port Richey, Florida. He holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Valdosta State University as well as a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary. Along with pastoring he serves as an adjunct professor in the Church Ministry Program at Trinity College of Florida. He enjoys spending time with his family, running, and cycling. Adam is the founder and editor of The Publicans, as well as an aspiring Hobbit.


Andrew Jaenichen: Andrew serves as Associate Pastor and current Interim Pastor to Riverside Baptist Church in Downtown New Port Richey, Florida. He holds a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity College of Florida and an M.A. in Christian Ethics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has a passion for God, theology, coffee and seeing followers of Christ become disciple making disciples.

img_0408Austin Wynn: Austin serves as Pastor at Westside Baptist Church in Valdosta, GA. He holds a Bachelors degree in Education from Valdosta State University and an M.Div. in Theology from Southern Seminary. He loves drinking coffee with his wife Emily, wrestling on the floor with his three children, reading big books from dead guys, and running…mostly after his kids.

unnamedBill and Debby Abitz: Married for over 21 years now, they have five children and many friends who prove that God has fearfully and wonderfully made us all. Bill grew up in the Pacific Northwest but has lived in Florida for over half his life while Debbie is a Canadian by birth. Bill credits much of his personal and professional growth to my 15-year temporary position as a Chick-fil-A restaurant manager. Present days have they are preparing to serve as Tribal Church Planters in Paraguay, South America. Bill enjoys spending time with his family watching movies, trying new foods and caring for his beard, which one day, just might earn him a picture on the Wall of Reformers. Debbie likes to drink coffee and enjoys trying new ethnic foods.

IMG_6452.PNGDavid Hayashi: David is a student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY where he lives with his wife Sharon and their two dogs Lola and Zoey. David has had 15 years experience as a worship leader in multiple churches across Florida and Georgia. When David is not studying or singing he is hunting, fishing, attending a concert, or traveling around the globe and meeting new people. He loves listening to music with a good cup of coffee and enjoys long philosophical conversations about theology, music, and food. He is also a reformed ninja, watch out.

DonDon Carpenter: Don serves as Pastor to Eldred Baptist Church in the metropolis of Eldred, Illinois. He holds a B.A. in Christian Ministry from Missouri Baptist University. He is a husband of 16 years to his beautiful wife Angie, and a father to God’s blessings, Faith (15) and Cole (13). His passion in ministry is making disciples who make disciples; first by helping men to become their family’s resident theologian and pastor. Biblical husbands and fathers make for biblical, God-honoring, Christ-exalting homes which, when gathered together, makes for God-honoring, Christ-exalting, biblical local churches.

IMG_0284Matt Noble: Matt graduated from Trinity College of Florida with a B.A. in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. He was the Pastor for Young Adult Ministry at First Baptist Church of Wesley Chapel for 7 years. He currently works in the Adult Education program at Trinity College of Florida and serves as the Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in New Port Richey, Florida. He and his wife Rachel have been married for over 5 years. Matt enjoys sports, board games, hanging out with family and friends, and eating ice cream.

Sam Knox: Sam is a Bug slayer by day at Swat Exterminating in Dunedin, Florida and heresy slayer by night while he listens to James R. White. He has previously served as the youth pastor at Living Hope Baptist Church. He enjoys spending time with his wife, reading the works of Puritans, and long conversations on reformed theology. He is a member of SonRise community Church and serves there as a preschool age Sunday school teacher.

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