Conclusion of My Thoughts on Christian Education

Christian Education is a vital part of Christian life, no matter what generation you find yourself in.  Remember we said it was vital because it is both teaching and learning (education) and centered on the God of the Bible (Christian).  If education is about anything else, or centered upon any other hub than the God of glory, it may remain to be education, but it ceases to be specifically Christian education.  To make sure we properly remain within the sphere of Christian education, they’re two massive realities needed; God-centeredness and Christian Hedonism.  True you don’t need my labels, but I’m convinced that these truths must be present in every Christian educational system.

These two massive realities rightly aim at both the head and the heart.  Why is that so important?  Because both the teacher and the pupil must be aware of their need and gripped by the subject for true Christian educating can take place.  The worship of God is at stake within Christian education.  Is our goal in educating Christians simply to pass on mere information about God?  No, it is more.  Our goal is to make God-soaked, Bible-saturated people who love God with all their hearts and all their minds, with all their strength in their souls.  God is glorified most fully, only, when the head and heart are properly engaged and directed toward Him in knowledge and enjoyment.

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